TRUMLA – All-in-one superabsorbent stretcher pad cover and patient transfer device


All-in-one superabsorbent stretcher pad cover and patient transfer device



The superabsorbent, tear-proof stretcher pad cover and patient transfer device has numerous advantages in any situation requiring patient
First: up to 2.5 Liters (2.64 US quarts) of potentially infectious fl uid, is reliably absorbed and stored in the collection core. Stretcher, beds, and
treatment tables stay clean and dry. Cleaning the stretcher after using Trumla is typically much quicker and easier.
Secondly, because of the reinforced edges on the pad cover, patients weighing up to 210 kg (462 lbs) can be easily and securely transferred.
The Trumla® pad cover can also remain with the patient during transfer from the emergency vehicle to the hospital, where it can then be safely
disposed of. A clean and secure solution that benefi ts both patients and medical professionals.


Quick Facts
● Superabsorbent
● Demonstrated to absorb up to 2,5 liters (2.64 US quarts)
● Proven to trap germs
● Rip-proof up to 210 kg body weight (approx. 463 pounds)
● Reliable patient transfer device, size 220 x 100 cm
● Easy disposal
● Enormous potential to save time and costs when cleaning the vehicle and stretcher
● Shorter downtime for EMVs, quicker turnaround to be operational again


The process of cleaning and preparing an ambulance, including the stretchers, for use again after an emergency call requires a great deal of time and effort. Depending on the amount and consistency of the fl uid that has been exuded during patient transport, cleaning the vehicle and stretchers can take up to and sometimes longer than half an hour. The total costs for cleaning and disinfecting materials, personnel, and missed revenue due to being grounded can quickly add up. Using the superabsorbent stretcher pad Trumla® can significantly decrease these expenses.